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INDUS AFRICA Bridging Healthcare

  • Africans, particularly Southern Africans are offered affordable medical treatment at select Low Cost Hospitals Abroad for Specialty and Super Specialist Treatments like Interventional Cardiology, Oncology, Dentistry etc. All costs are approx. less than half of what it may cost in Africa.


  • Everything for Travel and Transport to and fro is handled by Indus Africa, an entity backed by Indus Healthcare, India.


  • The South Africa based, Indus Africa representative, Mr Tarunesh Chetty and his office is the nodal entity and coordinates the Medical Facilities Globally to provide Quality and Value based Tertiary Medical Care.


  • Indus Africa is responsible for all operational matters like:

    • Organizing a Tele-consultation with the Surgeon abroad

    • Pre-departure Virtual Hospital tour before booking,

    • Providing Interpreters for Zulu, Sutu speaking Patients at the Hospital abroad.

    • Booking of the Procedure date and organizing the Visa and Travel arrangements to the Hospital abroad.

    • Enlisting the select Hospitals Abroad.

    • All liaisons with Hospitals like settling Hospital Bills (On behalf of the South African Government /Insurer).

    • Ensuring that only Qualified and Experienced Specialist Doctors and staff treat South African Patients and is constantly monitoring Quality Health care at all points of delivery.           

    • Follow Up Consultations by Tele Conference with the Specialist.

    • Coordination of Specialist abroad with the Nurse / Family Physician in South Africa for Post-operative care, if needed.




INDUS AFRICA - Future Vision for Africa

  • Explore opportunities in the  PPP (Public Private Partnership) model  for operating Tertiary Care Services in Hospitals or Managing the whole Hospital in totality for the Government or NGO to help achieve the Nations Health Development Goals.

    • Indus Healthcare to Build and Operate a Hospital with a mandate to keep it affordable.

    • Out sourcing Hospital Tertiary Care Services Department on a PPP basis to Indus.

    • Managing Non-Performing Provincial Hospitals in Africa through Indus Africa on a PPP model.

    • Providing Provincial Healthcare Facilities in Southern Africa with   Health expertise and manpower from Indus Healthcare.


  • Brownfield and Greenfield Hospital and Healthcare related projects: Centers of Excellence in Under Served Specialities of Hospital and Healthcare: We would get the best International Medical Talent in Southern Africa to create an Academic based Tertiary Care Hospital.


  • Indus Africa is committed to provide affordable Quality Health Services within Southern Africa by taking Practical Cost Reduction measures and still keeping the Hospitals sustainable and profitable based on genuine care and love for Patients. Build and Operate Super Specialty affordable Hospitals in Southern African Nations like South Africa / Botswana / Zambia / Namibia etc. These shall be centers of excellence in healthcare services like Oncology, Cardiology, Eye, Orthopedics, Laparoscopic Surgery etc.


  • HEALTHCARE SKILLS: Medial and Para Medical Nursing: Increase the Number of Doctors and Healthcare providers in Southern Africa by starting a Nursing & Para-medical School, Dental School and Medical School with highly experienced Teaching Faculty from India.

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