About Us

We care…because life is the most beautiful gift of God!

With two super-speciality hospitals in North India, two oversea divisions in Africa, two diagnostic centers, one rural healthcare charitable division, one top-class dental implantology clinic, one IT division, one consultancy division and couple of upcoming projects in the pipeline, Indus Strategic Business Units proudly declares the vision of providing best healthcare services all across the world.

Our enlightening journey of healthcare is bagged with the experience of more than 30 years! During the course of 30 years, our Specialist Doctors, Para-Medical Staff and Management team has immensely supported our winsome ethical concern of providing the best healthcare services across the world. We take pride in the dedication served by Team Indus, and at the same time, our gratitude goes to our patients who trusted us with utter faith and confidence. 

With an organizational base of more than 30 years, Indus Strategic Business Units aims to extend the glories of its rich professional experience to the right direction of ‘value-added’ services. The idea of providing effective medical services that fulfill the community needs of ‘affordable yet quality’ healthcare solutions is our sole concern. Indus follows an integrated approach to flourish workforce management. The inspiration that we share as a unit is upfront- we have the zeal to achieve new medical heights, we are professional in work, we believing in sustaining the humane values, and we never compromise with the quality!